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Our Story

After 25 years as a Golf Professional, Chandler sought a new direction to be able to spend more time with his family. This article was published in Golf Digest in December 2021 and was the catalyst for turning Chandler's hobby into the step of his career. Chandler is now a licensed artist with the USGA and PGA.

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Our Story (Part 2)

Josh Berhow’s article, published on golf.com in November 2023, captures the first two years of our journey in launching Archive 22. From PGA member and head golf professional to uncovering a childhood interest to becoming a licensed artist for the USGA and PGA, Josh helps tell the story.

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Our Purpose

At Archive 22, we value the connection we have with others who love golf as we do. The walls in our homes and offices tell our story and display our passions. Our shared passion is why we create authentic hand drawn pieces of artwork which capture the championships, courses, players and moments that have inspired us. Allow our artwork to connect you with others who share the same appreciation for the game as you.  

Our Process

Every element within our artwork is recreated from scratch. Using an architectural approach, Chandler measures all logos, fonts, structures and details, and then use estimations and freehand to draw them as closely as possible to the original. With the assistance of a compass and straight edges, the images are originally drawn in pencil and then brought to life with colored pencil. The end result is each detail is drawn by hand and perfectly imperfect. Each print made for distribution is created using an offset printing press process and printed on a 80 pound brilliant white textured paper. 

Our Artist

Chandler Withington has worked in the game of golf since the age of 14. Having been fortunate to have worked at some of the most iconic venues in golf, Chandler has been at the crosshairs of golf history and storytelling for over 25 years. As a PGA Member since 2006, his journey in golf began as a caddie at Somerset Hills Country Club (NJ) and continued as an assistant golf professional at Merion Golf Club (PA) and Seminole Golf Club (FL) before spending nine years as the head golf professional at Hazeltine National Golf Club (MN). 

Chandler wanted to have pieces of artwork on his office walls which would connect him with other people. What he envisioned didn’t exist, so he used a drawing ability he had developed in high school to create it. In the fall of 2018, Chandler took his passion for the history of championship golf and creates original hand drawn pieces to celebrate our game’s storied history.